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Welcome to visit Smooth Collie Database

Welcome to visit Smooth Collie Database: more than 2800 dogs and more than 400 links, information about puppies and litters and so on!


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post link  Posted: 25.10.08 17:59. Title: available 1 smooth boy in France

Glenmorangie kennel in France still have 1 boy:
Daffy Dor Dagda available, socialized, for family loving the Collie and Originality.

Proud parents are:
Ch. France Vigo du Clos des Duchesses

- HD A/A, CEA free, MDR1 +/-, TAN


Florence del Passo del Turchino

3x CAC, 2x BOB, Herding Instinct Test, Sociability and Working Ability Test, CEA free, Herpesvirus negative

"Dagda" is very beautiful with his almost red sable coat. Intelligent, alert, obedient, he learns fast and finds a solution to everything ;-))) Untiring outside, he is very calm once at home.
Dagda is DNA CEA Normal!!!!

more info here

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post link  Posted: 17.11.08 12:48. Title: available 1 smooth boy in France

Dear Janka,

Thank you very much for your kindness and your help about my little sweet Dagda who is still searching a loving family.
Your forum is quite the proper place for sending SOS !!!
I am sorry to answer you soooo lately I know you have published this advertisement in some other forums but, as they are written in languages that I don't understand, I need some time to translate and to answer......

There are "new" pictures dated from November 4th on my website ( ). Hopefully the sun will shine again in the next future so that I could "shoot" my boy one more time.

Thank you very much again and I wish you all the best,
Françoise and her Smoothies Gang (Nina, Florence, Flynn, Damona...... and Dagda)

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Location: Russia, Saint Petersburg
post link  Posted: 17.11.08 20:27. Title: Glenmorangie Hello ..

Hello and welcome here!
Good luck with this boy! Hope he will find good masters soon!

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Location: France, Sainte Anne sur Vilaine
post link  Posted: 10.12.08 14:55. Title: Dagda

Thank you very much Natalain :-))

Dagda is still at home and becomes a beautiful boy. I did an update of my site for celebrating his 6 months (under the sun ) and you can discover him at < >.

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and big hugs to your Dear Smoothies :-))

Best regards,

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post link  Posted: 18.12.08 16:36. Title: Dear Francoise wish ..

Dear Francoise wish to Dagda the best owners - when he waiting sooo long!
believe at New year will happen

Merry christmas to all of you

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post link  Posted: 22.02.24 07:16. Title: This is a great insp..

This is a great inspiring article. I am pretty much pleased with your good work. You put really very helpful information.
Wolfs George Clooney Black Leather Jacket

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