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post link  Posted: 24.05.08 20:17. Title: Fear of the Vet


Usually my Skip was a quite brave collie.
But in february an afghane hound attaced him and he had to have an operation.
since that he is SO afraid of the Vet!
i have stopped showing him now because his fear is spreading to the judges.
if they try to touch him, he thinks he is at the clinic again.
i really dont know what do do with him because he has no problem with difficult situations, he is not nervous or anything like this. at the shows he?s just sleeping and playing with the dogs, not a single sign of fear until we go to the showring. but if something smells, looks or sounds like the vet, he just gets panic

maybe you know what we can do to help him.
we already started herding sheep to make him more self confident, but he?s still afraid of this single thing in his life...

thanks for your help, Lisa Thanks: 0 
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post link  Posted: 23.02.09 08:20. Title: Hi Lisa, we met som..

Hi Lisa,
we met some time ago in Wels. I know Skip's father Simba and from Monique I have at home two Flying Heartbreakers:))
I think, that you should find some vet, who is very nice to dogs, who is able to pet with your dog and give him something very very special, what he loves to eat. Or to play. And visit this vet once a time for nothing....only for talk with vet and petting of vet with Skip and giving him something special, what you can bring with you and hide it only for this situacion. And you has to be absolutely calm, without no stress, without no regretting or consoling, make fun from him like.....(with smile on your face and little sarcasm)..oh, yes, mr vet....yes, he will bite you...absolutelly....
I don!t know how he behaves in this situacion, maybe first one or second visit will be only about, that you come there and speak only with vet, because Skip want be to touch from him.....not do it with power.....he has to decide himself to pet with him, he has to find out, that it is no problem....and you has to be his rock, who will show him, that this is really not problem and you are to without fear.
Is really probably, that when you bring him to clinic, you was very fear about him and he took it like he is in big danger and because of it he is fear of it...and now he is not able to forget it and you are still nervous from his have to be absolutely sure about yourself and he will be too.
If you want, send me email!
I cross all my fingers to you both to be again happy team at all things you do.

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post link  Posted: 03.04.09 19:51. Title: That is so horrible...

That is so horrible. I would try to reward him when he is at the vet. And try to relax yourself b/c dogs sense that sort of thing

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post link  Posted: 08.04.09 09:08. Title: Hi, By the time, th..


By the time, things changed a little. We did, of course, a lot of practising visits at our vet. She is very friendly and feeds the dog every time we come. As I always wished to lift him up to the vets table on my own, he know runs to the vet for help as soon as we enter. He is not afraid of her, but still afraid of some judges at the shows (especially those who look very close at the dog).

It`s gone better than before but he is still shaking all over while waiting. As soon as we are in the vet's room, he calms down a bit and cuddles with our vet. Not relaxed, but better than his fear was some months ago.

Thank you for your tips, we will keep practising :-) Thanks: 0 
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