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Welcome to visit Smooth Collie Database

Welcome to visit Smooth Collie Database: more than 2800 dogs and more than 400 links, information about puppies and litters and so on!


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Location: Australia, Sydney
post link  Posted: 31.08.07 02:49. Title: Hi (also) from Australia

Have just discovered this website (thanks Kate). Many thanks Natalain for its creation & moderation.

Today in Sydney, Australia we are enjoying pre-Spring weather, blue skies, mid 20 C temperatures and probably bush fires when Summer arrives. Tomorrow is a Show day with similar conditions as today. Show is a charity event, all breeds with a large entry, Rough entries are 30+, Smooth entries are 11. Will be a long day.

I have been involved with Smooths for about 6 years and breeding Smooths now for about 3 years. I don't have a website yet but (hopefully) the following link will take you to a website where I have details/photos of the gang.

David Knox
Collegiate Kennels
Middle Dural
New South Wales

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post link  Posted: 01.09.07 21:14. Title: Re:

Hello Collegiate !
Welcome to this forum!
In Australia is spring now... In Russia we are ready to autumn. So BIG world...

Hope that show spend successful! Please write about it!

I have also photos of your boy from Finland. Very good male! I have seen him in Finland sometimes and I like him very much! Great that you have puppies from him already! And for me is a little sad that he is so far from as now...

Here is Sandcastle's Trust Money with his breeder Kirsi Rautiainen.

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post link  Posted: 04.09.07 03:04. Title: Re:

Hello Nat

Thank you for posting this photo of Visa (Sandcastles Trust Money), neither I nor his co-owner Annett Irwin (Crownfire Kennels) have seen it before. Would be interested in knowing when it was taken if you can remember.

The Show was fine however the original Swedish judge who was supposed to officiate had to pull out at the last moment due to a medical condition and was replaced by a New Zealand judge who was not familiar with the Scandinavian type. This meant and early finish to the days showing however Visa's new daughters thoroughly enjoyed the experience and meeting new two and four legged friends. They were a real hit.


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post link  Posted: 06.09.07 08:42. Title: Re:

Hello David,
Yes I remember the moment when this photo was made. It was a July, 2006 in Hankasalmi (Finland), Special Collie Show, 60th Jubilee of Finnish Collie Club. Visa was 4th Best Male and have got CC!

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