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post link  Posted: 20.05.21 13:27. Title: Do I need to submit a cover letter?

According to a 2015 survey by Jobvite Corporation, only 10% of HR managers read cover letters. This means that in nine cases out of ten, the painstaking work put by the applicant in writing this document is wasted. Therefore, many people are sure that the practice of filing it has become obsolete.

It would seem they are right. Indeed, if the chances of reading your cover letter are so slim, why bother? However, you must be prepared to submit this document, if only because your potential competitor considers it unnecessary to prepare it. What if your employer turns out to be the person for whom the presence of this letter is mandatory for applicants?

A cover letter can be your ticket to your dream job. Of course, you should not submit it if the employer explicitly indicated that there is no need for it in the job description. In all other cases, be sure to attach this document which you can get here to your resume.

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post link  Posted: 09.01.23 11:23. Title: Amina

It totally depends on the company and in which country you are submitting your resume. If you're submitting in a country like the USA then you probably need to have a cover letter written by cover letter writing service online. You can ask the company too to make sure if the cover letter is necessary

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post link  Posted: 12.05.23 15:36. Title: Its great that You r..

Its great that You raise an interesting point about the cover letters in today's job market. It's true that the importance of cover letters has diminished over time, with only a small percentage of HR managers actually reading them. However, it's crucial to consider the individual preferences of employers and the specific requirements of each job application. I have research online and found an organtion that called resume writers chicago they have build my cover letter and their services are good.

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post link  Posted: 15.02.24 14:34. Title: I think it helps to ..

I think it helps to include a cover letter with your Construction Estimate. It enables you to make an introduction and convey your excitement for the undertaking. I appreciate you providing this useful material.

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