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Welcome to visit Smooth Collie Database

Welcome to visit Smooth Collie Database: more than 2800 dogs and more than 400 links, information about puppies and litters and so on!


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post link  Posted: 03.05.11 07:54. Title: smooth collie with 'longer' hair

I have a gorgeous smoothie,she is nearly a year old.She comes from a reliable breeder in France and has good papers.She is easy,playful and very obedient.
The funny thing is that her hair is longer than a regular smoothie!In the litter, there were two dogs with obviously longer hair-Does anyone else have a dog like this?I will add a photo as soon as I find out how.....I am new to the forum!!!
Thanks for any answers!

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post link  Posted: 03.05.11 18:54. Title: Look here http://smo..

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post link  Posted: 03.05.11 20:39. Title: smooth collie with 'longer' hair

Hello Flicka and welcome to this Forum

Both parents of your bitch are Smooths but carriers of the "long hair" gene. That means that they have produced both Smooth and Rough puppies. If your bitch has longer hair than normal in a Smooth, she is definitely a Rough Collie since she is genetically homozygous for the long hair gene. If you want to be sure of her genetical status, there is a genetest which can tell you if your bitch is long hair homozygous or if she is a long hair carrier Smooth (we call "Rough factored").
Anyway, if your bitch is a long hair homozygous, she should have been registered as a Rough Collie.
Please show us some recent pictures of your wonder

Best regards,

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post link  Posted: 11.05.11 07:28. Title: smooth collie with 'longer' hair

Thank-you both for your posts-both easy to understand and interesting.I am new to the Smooth Collie world and any new info is welcome!!
I chose a smooth collie for the character but also for the physique but I find her very beautiful (of course!and she gets many compliments!)and I am not complaining at all!It's out of interest that I am asking the questions!
I believe my dog has been registered as a smooth collie however I will not be breeding with her at all.We are doing some agility and I hope to continue as she seems to really enjoy it(and I do too!)!
I will add some photos later as this computer will not let me do it!!
Have a great day!

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