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Welcome to visit Smooth Collie Database

Welcome to visit Smooth Collie Database: more than 2800 dogs and more than 400 links, information about puppies and litters and so on!


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post link  Posted: 01.08.09 06:55. Title: BRAGS

How about a new topic
Hi, well yes, we have something to brag about:
Our US import bitch Am.Ch. Byluc's Drama Queen who earned her ROM (register of merit, a title awarded to brood bitches who have at least 8 champion-offspring) this year is again in the news: She is nr. 3 most sucessful brood bitch 2008 in the USA - rough and smooth
Yes, we are very proud on having selected such a great lady!

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post link  Posted: 01.08.09 18:29. Title: Fantastic! Hope her..

Fantastic! Hope her pups in Europe do as well!

Myrna Shiboleth
Netiv HaAyit Collies
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post link  Posted: 03.08.09 12:57. Title: Jack Mack Congradul..

Jack Mack

Duna - Natalain Helory Hope O+
Vovan - Natalain Prime Minister O->
Busya (golden retriever) - Buenos Aires O->
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post link  Posted: 27.05.10 16:16. Title: my 11 month old baby..

my 11 month old baby got her 3rd CC & best puppy at the weekend,downfall in the uk we can not claim her tittle till she is over 12mnths old

Her litter sister in finland has also done her owners and us proud by attending 4 shows and winning 4 X CAC 1 X BOS 1 X BOB

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post link  Posted: 09.06.22 18:14. Title: I chose a smooth col..

I chose a smooth collie for the character but also for the physique but I find her very beautiful (of course!and she gets many compliments!)and I am not complaining at all!It's out of interest that I am asking the questions! 5 Things to Know When Buying Into a 7-Eleven Franchise

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post link  Posted: 15.03.23 11:09. Title: VIP Escorts in Bangalore

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post link  Posted: 05.09.23 10:27. Title: We have Russian esco..

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